School project proposal example

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Susan Bigyan. Funds for facility construction, and training in basic sanitation for teachers and students, will result in long- term gains in health, mental and physical energy, and children's ability to take advantage of educational opportunities. More and more systems are in disrepair, and the water supply for large portions of the country, especially in rural areas, is becoming inadequate, causing many people to use alternative and unsafe water sources such as canals.

Many communities' capacity to maintain and improve water and sanitation facilities remains poor due to the excessive reliance on centralized maintenance encouraged by the former system.

Traditionally, health and hygiene education in schools focused on covering theory and memorization of facts from the official school curriculum, rather than on strengthening hygiene practices. The Government provided formal, culturally non-specific education that failed to generate interest, particularly in remote rural areas. Over the past ten years, this topic in schools has been largely disregarded. On the other hand, because of the water shortages and infrastructure problems mentioned above, many schools are spending time and energy just to collect water for daily survival.

Many International Organizations and NGOs helped to the safe water supply and basic sanitation in many schools remains poor. Large numbers of rural schools and health centres lack access to sanitary facilities like latrines and hand washing facilities. Even before the earthquake, environmental sanitation in rural areas was not a priority.

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Pit latrines are the commonly used sanitation facility. Poor maintenance of these facilities, especially at public places as schools and health centres has resulted in unacceptable hygienic conditions. Under these conditions, schools become unsafe places where diseases are transmitted. These and other diseases, often sanitation related, obviously contribute to absenteeism, but there is a more hidden aspect: Poor health of children affects their ability to learn and therefore influences their perspective in life.

Good health at school is essential for now and an investment for the future. Schools can stimulate and support positive behavioral change in children. What they learn at school is likely to be passed on their own children. Methods of implementation Life-Skills Development: 1. Which implies that part of the staff will be trained, passing the knowledge on to other colleagues, school children and indirectly the parents.

A Healthy School Environment For each school, a joint assessment on the existing water and sanitation conditions will be made with the school director and teachers, as well as, with the school children, primary health care staff and representatives of the Parents and Teachers Associations. The programme provides construction materials and supervision of construction. For the operation and maintenance of the facilities, mechanisms will be developed for the purchasing of materials need for minor repairs, soap, towels, etc.

Outreach to Families and Communities In all stages of the implementation of the programme, parents and teachers associations will be involved. To strengthen the activities in the schools, simultaneously a public awareness campaign on sanitation and hygiene will be implemented at the district level.

This will allow them to monitor the health impact of the programme, as well as, will quickly show the need for corrective measures, if considered necessary. Frequency of meetings: every two months. The design and construction of facilities in each school will take a total of 1 year. The educational activities are an ongoing process simultaneously to the construction phase.

The programme will support the educational part, for a period of 1 year, after which it should be self-sustained. Once the programme has been implemented, the "implementation and monitoring committees" in each school will be transformed into "monitoring committees". With technical support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health the programme will become self-sustainable after two years.

Budget Rehabilitation and construction of facilities Rs. Related Papers. By Goma Chhetri.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. A sample of project proposal by a community based organisation. The project was identified to be the priority for infrastructure support to socio-economic development.

One of the top most problems affecting Jombo community especially during the occurrence of floods in the Lower Shire is inadequacy of evacuation shelters. The existing facilities like tents cannot accommodate the number of families or victims within the targeted area. The other obvious challenge about living in tents when displaced is that there is limited security. The main objective of the project in the long term is to address the impacts of flooding through the construction of community based evacuation centre.

school project proposal example

The evacuation centre will have one evacuation shelter, 1 kitchen, four pit latrines, four bathrooms and one open ground area. The project will promote education standards, ensure sanitation and protection issues are encouraged, and promote youth development through sports.

The project will target 8, people. With the project, the displaced flood victims as well as the entire community will definitely be transformed directly and indirectly considering the benefits that it would create such as improvement on accessibility on basic services temporary shelter, health, nutrition, food, clothing, domestic items ; and an area or venue for different for programs and activities from the different government agencies and non-government organizations.

It operates in the area of group village headman Jombo, traditional authority Ngabu in Chikwawa. The main aim of its establishment is to give power to people to decide and participate in development activities in our area, and be able to support the vulnerable members of the society.

How to Write a Proposal for an Education Project

The organization through its members works hand in hand with the district council in implementing disaster initiatives in our area. The project will be implemented by the management team of the Tikumbukireni CBO. The secretary will be the overall coordinator of the project Lickson Mchepa. So he is the right person for the position. He will be assisted by the chairperson Hassan Window. The chairperson will be the supervisor for all the construction works.

The treasurer Yurita Harry will be responsible for issuing of approved cheques for payments.Priority Matrix uses 4-quadrants to help you focus on top priorities and projects. Learn how Priority Matrix creates a central source of truth so you can coordinate all the work your team needs to do.

Priority Matrix for Office helps you manage emails, share team priorities, and get more out of Microsoft Teams and Outlook. He or she needs to know:. This can all be summed up in one — two sentences — see more in the simple project proposal template below. Think of milestones as metrics, rather than tasks. Project managers make project proposals all the time — one of the best ways to streamline this process is to integrate your proposal with your project management tool.

Using your project management tool to estimate timelines and resources is a great way to produce visuals for the proposal. Bonus points if your PM software has a gantt chart that you can print out to include in the proposal. How to get Approval from Harvard Business Review.

Basic general template for project proposal. Research project proposal. Product development proposal. Inbound Marketing Proposal Template.

Buckle down on these in the planning and execution phase.

school project proposal example

Certain organizations require that proposals meet specifications; depending on who will give the final approval of your project, make sure that you adhere to the rules and regulations laid out by that organization, group, or company. Writing an effective project proposal is the first step toward earning project approval! Choose a project proposal template from above and get started — the sky is the limit.

When you use Priority Matrix, you become more accountable to yourself, and ensure that you are spending time where it matters most. Learn more about Priority Matrix. Priority Matrix is lightweight project management solution that increases visibility and accountability within teams. Manage more effectively with Priority Matrix. Learn more.Objectives FieldWorks will be a free, public concert at a Houston neighborhood public park and community garden, orchestrated in conjunction with Urban Harvest and The Park People see below for contact detailstwo Houston non-profit organizations, as well as the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

New Music at the Shepherd School, like any community, can only benefit from a greater connection with its neighbors. It is not enough to hold concerts here at Rice, rather, we must bring our music to the public. A concert at Meredith Gardens will serve to unite the Shepherd School with Houston neighborhoods, foster a greater appreciation of New Music in the Houston communities, and promote the enjoyment and upkeep of the city's public parks and community gardens. If successful, we hope to expand FieldWorks into a regular series of music and art events at public parks around greater Houston.

History of Meredith Gardens, Meredith Gardens, one of more than community gardens in Houston, epitomizes the fruits literally of a united community. Inwhen a City plan to relocate the Montrose Branch of the Houston Public Library failed mid-demolition, the neighborhood was left with a lot full of rubble. Today, Meredith Gardens is a flourishing enclave of fruits, vegetables and flowers, and a peaceful retreat amid the bustle of Richmond Avenue. Event Details In order to produce an event of the utmost quality, this concert will be a rather small affair.

It will last approximately 90 minutes, feature under ten performers, and require only a small stage arrangement with minimal amplification and lighting. We hope you will consider our proposal, and join us in enriching and expanding the Shepherd School community.

school project proposal example

Thank you. Ethan Frederick Greene and Garrett Schumann. The instrumentation and personnel for this concert depend upon the works submitted. However, we will limit our composers to ensembles of 8 pieces or fewer without piano or any non-portable instrumentand anticipate a small chamber ensemble - flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, violin, viola, violoncello, percussion - made up of volunteer Shepherd School students.

Electronic works will also be allowed, though only those within the capabilities of a small amplification system. January - Recruit performers and begin working on publicity.

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February - Deadline for submitted works. March - Rehearse music. Special Equipment Needed: We will require a small stage approx. We will bring our own recording equipment and amplification, though we will pay an engineer to record the concert. We hope to secure as much of this equipment as possible by donation.Sarah Antonelli. Block G. There are many different window treatments to better windows against heat loss, but I want to test them to see which is the most effective.

People use many different types of windows and window treatments but I believe that some are better than others. The aim of this project is to identify a solution of which window or treatment is most efficient against heat loss. I would also like to try some combinations of these window treatments.

How to Write a Business Proposal? 7 Minutes Step-by-Step Guide

What do you plan to do to solve the problem? To solve the problem, I plan on building a small room and making one wall with a window in it. There will be a heat source in the room that will be allowed to heat the entire model to one temperature.

What is a project proposal?

A temperature probe will be used to measure the temperature of different locations in or around the model. I will measure inside the room, outside of the wall without a window, right in front of the window, and the temperature of the room I am testing in. Using these things, multiple types of windows and window treatments will be tested to see which is most effective towards heat loss.

Quite a few things will be needed to test these windows. Several window treatment will need to be accessed, such as; caulking, weather stripping, storm windows, window quilts, air spaces, and possibly a double-pane window. The caulking, window quilt, and obviously the air space are all positively acquirable, however the double-pane window is uncertain. The object that is needed to actually measure the data is simply the temperature probe but the heat source will also help with the measurements.

Building materials will also be required and they include fiberglass insulation, single pane windows, sheetrock, 2x4 siding wood, and nails. My father will be supervising the building procedures. The data that is intended to be collected is the heat loss.

Using the heat probe the temperature, or heat loss, will be easily measured. The temperature will actually show the heat loss by subtracting temperature of the space directly in front of the window from the inside heat and the heat on the wall without the window from the. After this is done it will be recorded and analyzed and unless the data shows an obvious extension, there will be no more data to collect.

As far as preparations go, this project is successful. The literature review, hypothesis, and some research are all done. There is already a location to build this model room and some building materials are accessed.

Nails, wood, and some sheetrock are already here. Some experience in building with sheetrock is here and my father knows just about everything there is to know about sheetrock.

Many things still need to be acquired, however. What do you plan to do with the data you collect? With the collected data, I plan to analyze it according to a few things. The project is intended to show which window is most cost efficient and which is the best quality against heat loss.The purpose of an education proposal is usually to secure grant money and get approval for a specific education project.

Often, an entire team is involved and will collaborate to put the proposal together.

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Whether it's the idea of one person or of many, a proposal for an education project generally follows a basic format. The abstract is a concise paragraph or a single page that explains the entire purpose and scope of the proposal.

Similar to a blurb on the back of a book, the abstract gives you a short version of the whole. Abstracts help to focus readers and guide them through the proposal. While the proposal starts with an abstract, some people find it easier to write this section last so it essentially acts as a summary of the entire report. There is a reason you are proposing this plan or idea — to fulfill a specific need or solve a problem — so the first section should clearly explain what the need is or describe the problem that will be solved.

This section is very important, and the content should be clear and concise. For example, you are proposing a program to improve the math scores of eighth-grade students. Describe the current state of their grades and show why these students would benefit from your program. The needs assessment section should also explain how you've analyzed the needs of this particular group and why the implementation of the project will be helpful.

How did you identify the eighth-grade project participants? How did you determine that your project could be successful with this group? Don't describe the entire project or plan in detail here. That comes next. Now you've come to the meat of the proposal. What exactly is your proposed idea? Describe the nature of the project and show how it will lead to improving student performance. It's a good idea to keep the focus of the project limited so it can be implemented effectively within the time and budget constraints of the project.

In this section, also include the project's goals and objectives. Explain what you plan to achieve and lay out the timeline. Let's say your idea to improve eighth-grade math involves building a specialized computer game that can match the pace of a single student's progress.

You'll outline how long it will take to develop and test the game, then lay out how many students will test your project and what variables you'll use to measure success.

The implementation section provides a more detailed explanation of how exactly you will operate the project. You gave a brief outline of this in an earlier section, but here is your chance to further explain the objectives, activities, instructional methods, materials and assessments that will be essential for the implementation and evaluation of the project. Identify each member of the project team and describe their duties and responsibilities.

Indicate the amount of time this team will devote to the project.Project proposals are how you can get management to act on your ideas. Plus, having a set template for writing a proposal gives you a document which you can reference throughout the entire project.

These are:. This will help you focus on the important elements of your document and know the level of detail you need to go into. A formally solicited project proposal is made in response to an official request for a proposal.

In a way, this is the easiest way to create a proposal for a new project, since the Request For Proposal RFP document will usually tell you exactly what the customer or audience wants and sometimes even directions for preparing the proposal. Therefore, for formally solicited proposals you should take a more structured approach. You have to respond directly to the contents of whatever rough details have been relayed to you, essentially turning feedback into a quantifiable project which you can then judge the worth of starting.

Remember that the template above is for formally solicited, informally solicited, and unsolicited project proposals alike. This makes them a little harder to deal with more research is involved in analyzing them but you at least have a rough starting point. To get a template you can use to create an informally solicited project proposal, check the previous section.

To get a template you can use to create an unsolicited project proposal, check out the previous section on formally solicited proposals. Instead, all you have to do is remind the audience of the project they previously approved, report on its progress, account for any changes and ask for permission to continue. Usually, continuation proposals are reserved for requesting funds when starting a new phase in a project.

Review sample school proposals and write your own

Once an ongoing project has finished or outlived its usefulness and support for it is going to be terminateda renewal project proposal can be written to make the case for its continued support. This usually means weighing up the return benefits with the resources it takes to upkeep the practice. A supplemental project proposal is required when you need to ask for extra resources for a project beyond those originally proposed.

The main aim when writing these proposals is to be able to justify the extra resources and produce updated estimates of what the project will now take to complete.

Instead, focus your attention on getting the base facts right and covering yourself for any questions that might counter your proposal. So, the first thing you need to do when planning your project proposal is to define your audience. Lay out exactly who they are, what their position is manager, CEO, potential customer, etcand whatever you know about their background.

This will then let you relate every aspect of your proposal back to them to make it as appealing as possible.

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While it might be obvious what the problem is in your mind, this is where the power of knowing your audience comes in. Remember, this is the driving force behind getting your approval.

Write down what the problem is, how it effects what your audience cares about, and how you know that this is the cause of the issue. Before you can suggest a solution to the problem you need to know what its current state is and what research has already been done on how to solve it.

This will let you adjust your own solution and back it up with solid evidence to provide a more convincing proposal.